Thursday, April 3

Glue Batik

Froggy has needed a new big girl apron for some time now.  Part of her costume for Purim was a plain white bakers apron. 

After Purim, we decided to liven it up a bit before introducing it to regular wear. Enter our first ever attempt at Glue Batik.  We found a tutorial here.  It looked easy enough and we had all the supplies.  The hardest part was finding the acrylic paint amidst all the washable paints.

First we drew our designs on the apron.  Froggy knew she wanted a fairy theme but picking the fairy and getting the right design in the right size was a very challenging but fun project for her.  I traced each of the designs onto the apron for her using my light box.
  Once the designs were in place she added the glue.  I reminded her to start at the top and work towards then left.  She did it all herself.  We let the glue dry overnight and then set to painting. She did all the details first, let those dry completely then added the background.  I wish I had taken a picture of that part but life happens.

We let it dry overnight again.  Then came the magic of batik.  Here you can see the detail on one of the butterflies.  Some did not come out as well because the glue or the paint was too thick.  We missed the instruction about watering down the paint.  We will remember that the next time.
And here is the finished piece.  The fairy in the center really turned out nicer than the picture shows.  Froggy was very pleased with the results.

Monday, March 31

Menu Planning Monday - 29 Adar 11

Sunday -  Enchilda Bake
Monday - leftovers
Tuesday -Orange Chicken rice and green beans
Wednesday - Tofu Curry, rice broccoli
Thursday - Split Pea Soup with Thyme Dumplings
Shabbat -Challah, Mandu, Miso Soup, Sweet Salmon, Terkayi Tofu, rice and green beans tiramisu, pumpkin bread

Monday, March 24

Menu Planning Monday - 22 Adar II

Sunday - Salad, Pasta, Marinara Sauce, Garlic Bread
Monday -Fish Ala Jenn
Tuesday - Pizza and Salad
Wednesday -Enchilada Bake and chips
Thursday - Orange Chicken Rice and broccoli
Shabbat - Challah, Gefilte Fish Loaf, Tomato Spinach Soup, Herb Roasted Chicken, Green Beans, Butternut Squash, butterfly cupcakes, Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal and cholent(recipe below)

 Julie's Cholent

 1 lb meat
 3 potatoes
 1/3 bag of barley
 1/3 - 1/2 cup ketchup
1/8 cup hot sauce
 1/4 - 1/3 cup honey
1/4-1/3 cup beef soup powder
 1/8 cup garlic powder
sprinkle season salt

 Cover with water 1-2 in. Slow cook.

Thursday, March 20


This bottle was full at the start of the day.  And no I am not a giant lush. I am making my own extracts. 
This is the first batch.  We are trying vanilla, orange and lemon.  If they are sucessful, we will do more vanilla and mint.  Right now they are curing.  We have to wait until after Pesach to test them.

Monday, March 17

Menu Planning Monday - 17 Adar

With Abba is out of town Monday and Tuesday and all the baking of the past couple of weeks, I have decreed this week a "stay out of the kitchen" time

Monday -  Mac and Cheese and peas all from the freezer
Tuesday - BFD - Eggs and Pancakes
Wednesday - Fish ala Jenn, Rice and Broccoli
Thursday - Chana Dal and Naan
Shabbat - Challah, Gefilte Fish Loaf, Matza Ball Soup, Apricot Chicken,mashed potatoes, sauteed green beans,chocolate caramel tart, banana blueberry bread

Sunday, March 16


 Even Purim morning I was still putting the finishing touches on my part of the costumes for Froggy's Purim shpeil.  I made "Chip" and "Cogsworth".

Our shul always picks a theme for the year.  This year it is the 60s in honor of the 50th anniversary of the founding in 1964.  I went as Jane Goodall and Abba went as the Disney version of Pooh first pictured in 1962. That really was just an excuse because he always goes as Pooh Bear.  Froggy wanted to be Queen Esther regardless of the theme. Luckily Gramma keeps supplying Froggy with new dressup clothes so there is always queen clothes available.

We made a ton of Mishlach Manot baskets.  The list of recipients is mostly done although I expect it will continue to grow right up until Purim.  The final total was 23. 

We included 3 different foods  (although it ended up being only the requisite 2 brachot) Spiced almonds, clementines and 3 different kinds of Hamentaschen, funny ones, chocolate ones (either these or the ones we made last year)  and baklavah ones

I really stink at remembering to take pictures.  I wanted to show all the lovely mishlach manot packedup and ready to go.  I hate spending money on wrapping that is going to be thrown away so we try to use recyclables.  This year we did this.  They turned out much better than I feared. 

Monday, March 10

Menu Planning Monday - Purim style

Sunday - Orange chicken rice and broccoli
Monday - Pasta, salad and garlic bread
Tuesday -  Chana dal, naan sub and broccoli
Wednesday -  Pizza and Salad
Thursday - Leftovers

Shabbat – Asian Theme -Challah,mandu,Miso Soup,Salmon,Rice,cabbage salad with peanut dressing,Broccoli,Birthday cake

Purim Seudah - Challah, hummus, crudite, Shredded brussel Sprout salad, lentil salad, Meat burekas, potato burekas and of course all the various hamentashen.